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Dying to Live – My First 18+ Novel

I’ve just published Dying to Live, my first 18+ novel. It’s totally different from my fantasy series but I think some of you will recognize the writing style.

Originally the adventure had been called Bangkok Rotter, but this is a new sparklier version which I think is much better.

I hope some of you have the time to give it a go!

Here’s the blurb:

We all make bad decisions, but bad decisions don’t usually cost you your life.

Dave Murray is rotting in a Bangkok prison cell, terrified he’s going to be sentenced to death and it’s all because of a bad decision… and a woman.

A few weeks earlier, he had been a bored office worker with a booze problem until a disastrous relationship triggered a series of events which led him to Thailand and destroyed his life. Can anyone save him? Does anyone want to?

WARNING: This story contains adult themes and graphic language.

Available on Amazon.