50 Shades of Denial

“Her best friend saw me out with a blonde.”

“And that’s when the row started?”

“No. ‘Just business,’ I said. Then she saw the love note.”

“OK. The note sparked the row?”

“No. ‘It’s obviously a joke,’ I said, but then she smelt the perfume.”

“OK. The smell brought the hell?”

“No. ‘Got squirted in a department store,’ I said. That’s when she found the panties.”

“Right! That’ll be the row now, then?”

“No. I told her they were a present. ‘For me?’ she asked. ‘Nope,’ I said, ‘sure you’d never fit into those’… and that’s when the row started.”

Ken Magee AuthorAuthor’s note. As one (female) reader pointed out, all he had to do was say the present was in fact for his wife… no woman would ever say that he’d bought the wrong size. So there’s the proof, if proof were needed, that women are much smarter than men.

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