First Flight

“Mum says we’re going to fly today.”


“Yes, fly. We’re birds, so that’s what we do, we fly,” said Bill, the stupid one, stating the bleeding obvious.

“But what about gravity… and aerodynamics?” said Bert, the clever one, analysing the problem. He understood the world.

“I don’t know, but Mum says it’s OK, so I’m off.”

“Don’t forget about Bernoulli’s principle.”

Bill leapt from the nest and managed the short flight to the next door tree.

With questions weighing heavily on his mind, Bert leapt. The impact with the ground smashed his little face. He could have predicted that.

Ken Magee AuthorAuthor’s note. This is a salutary warning for the millions of people who overthink things. Overthinking can be a recipe for disaster… or worse still, it can become an excuse for not giving new experiences a go.

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