A drabble is a story which is exactly 100 words long. I think drabbles are great fun, but they actually take a bit more work than you might imagine.

Here is a collection of some which I’ve written over the years. Hopefully each story will surprise you, or make you think, or bring a smile to your face… some may do all three. A number of the stories have been featured in a variety of on-line and traditional publications.

To get started, simply follow the link below, or if you want to choose a particular drabble, hover over DRABBLES >> on the title bar above for a drop-down list of the story titles.

If you’re inspired to have a go and you’d like to appear in my GUEST DRABBLES feature, please email your drabble to me by following  the CONTACT tab above… I’ll take it from there.

Read the first drabble – The Show

2 thoughts on “Drabbles

  1. Christine Larsen

    Hallo again Ken,
    You may remember we had a ‘conversation’ a few months ago in the comments section of your book ‘Dark Tales and Flash Fun’ on Write On by Kindle.
    I don’t think I’m a ‘Drabbler’ really, being a somewhat wordy wordsmith… however I’ve learned to love the 500 word prompts and the disciplines they impose, so who knows? I find I also enjoy being able to tell some small tales that don’t quite fit as part of a larger story.
    So here’s an attempt at a Drabble –

    Friends and family surmised the accident had distorted his thinking beyond reason; his pleas for love and understanding and acceptance fell on deaf ears.
    His battle with the medicos was monumental. Most saw the macabre angle only and initially refused his request.
    But he never wavered.
    Doggedly he pursued his belief, knowing THIS was the only answer for him… until finally ’they’ surrendered.
    A funeral and cremation took place for his amputated leg.
    And he bid his limb the farewell he had not been conscious to say or feel on surgery day.
    And began the journey with his new reality.

    And another –


    Her glowing eyes said it all. ‘I love you. Surely you love me… just a little?’
    His tunnel vision saw only Ruby, so ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ was reversed because he couldn’t see Kelly at all.
    And Ruby? She loved only her mother and father, no matter their profound differences.
    ‘Adonis’, Kelly whispered.
    ‘EINSTEIN!’ his Dad barked out.
    And Einstein reluctantly returned to his father’s side.
    The eternal triangle was broken and Kelly and Ruby sensed it.
    With barely a whimper Kelly slunk back to their human parents’ vehicle.
    Wagging her tail, Ruby bounced back too.

    This is so new to me Ken, I can’t seem to judge them at all. Fun to try, though!

    Hope this is where you want these – couldn’t find the ‘green button above’ you suggest to use.

    Hope Life is going well for you,



    1. Ken Magee Post author

      Fantastic, Christine. If these are your first efforts, you’re going to be a superstar if you keep writing drabbles. I plan to feature Goodbye, if that’s OK.


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