They were after me. Sweat dripped from my nose and I ran. If they found me… I shuddered, glanced about with terror at the great green trees, and spotted movement ahead.

Crap, they were ahead of me already. My limbs trembled with effort, my heartbeat drummed in my ears. One of them was behind me!

‘Nooooooo!’ I bolted in the other direction. He was gaining on me, I was too tired. This was the end. A tear sprang to my eye.

‘Tag,’ he touched my shoulder, ‘You’re it.’

Spry as a deer, he leapt into the brushes and I sighed.

joyJoy Cronjé
Avid fantasy gorger who is currently writing book #1 of her Stormchild Trilogy.
Check her out on Wattpad or drop in to her blog to discover her deepest, darkest thoughts.

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