Lounger Lizards

The honour among lounger thieves is enforced on ordinary sunseekers. The power of the towel on a sunbed is undeniable.

Personally, I like to move towels. I sneak down after the fanatical thieves have bagged their loot, but before the amateurs have ventured forth. I reposition a couple of towels. These newly empty prime locations are soon snapped up by delighted amateurs.

Yesterday, the ensuing argument turned violent. One man was stabbed to death.

Some folk might say I was partly responsible. Maybe, but I certainly can’t take all the credit for ridding the world of another lounger lizard pest.

Ken Magee AuthorAuthor’s note. The idea for this drabble was came to me during a recent holiday in Cyprus when I wondered just how early people got up to bag the best sunbeds. The title was inspired by an early computer game called Leisure Suit Larry – the game introduced me to the term ‘lounge lizard’.

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