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Party Animals


This is an extract from a short piece which was written as a ‘guest appearance spot’ for the book Happy Halloween, a collaborative publication by authors A.K. Michaels, C.S. Bailey, Nav Logan and Rick Haynes.

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The fabulous picture represents one of DJ Marilyn Grotesque’s lovely ladies. It was photographed by  Justine Davinia Simone and shows off the amazing fangs which are from Teeth By Dnash.


Party Animals

I made my name in the deejaying world by being bizarre. I mean, even my name, DJ Marilyn Grotesque, offers the punters a clue to the sort of show I put on.

I’ve modelled myself on Marilyn Manson in his Tainted Love video. I stride into ordinary, regular parties and turn them into freak shows. Party hosts who want to shock their guests, love me. I always give them a show they’ll never forget.

Tonight’s booking is my best payday ever, so I’m determined not to disappoint.

My black 1970 Lincoln Continental low-rider scrunches to a halt on the gravel drive at the front of the impressive mansion. Tonight it’s going to be DJ Marilyn’s mansion. My driver hits the pneumatics and the front of the car bounces like a kangaroo on steroids. A low banshee screech emanates from under the hood. I want everyone to know that the main act has arrived. Be scared party guests, be very scared.

I look out through the black tinted windows and smile. People have streamed out of the house to see what the commotion is. They gasp and point as my car goes through its routine of bounces and bumps and grinds. I’m nearly ready. The scene is primed and set for another spectacular entrance.

I slip in my thousand dollar false fangs. They look so real; worth every cent I paid. Mind you, no one will see them until the moment is right. I shove open the car door and glide out onto the steps which lead up to the house. I can feel every pair of eyes on me. Do they think I’m a dead man walking? My white make-up, blue lipstick and black eyeshadow would even fool a qualified pathologist, well at a distance they might. Dressed in black from head to foot, I stride up the steps.

I feel the mood change when my girls emerge from the car; my five beautiful, sexy vamps strut up the steps behind me. Their skimpy black leather outfits look as if they’d be more at home in a brothel rather than this posh person’s party.  The girls have only one job; tease the guests, men and women, and draw them into an intimate web of expectation. Later, when the tension is at its height, and I give the signal, my little darlings will scare the life out of everyone around them with a show of their fangs; not as realistic as my thousand dollar pair, but real enough to freak most normal folk.

Me and my entourage bundle our way through the entrance hall. I’m heading for the little stage which houses my turntables and the controls for the lights, and fog machine, and flash bang maker. As I push my way through the gaping guests, my girls peel off and start seducing their victims. By the time I’ve reached the stage, all my girls are already hard at work, flaunting their leather clad bodies in the faces of their unsuspecting prey.

“Okay people,” I shout into the mike. “I’m DJ Marilyn Grotesque, let’s get this parrrr-teeee started.”

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